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About Us

Our Story

"Healthier Life Starts From Insights"

Living in a busy and fast-paced world, we tend to prioritise everything before our health. Ironically, our health always seems most valuable after we lose it.

Actxa was founded in 2015 to inspire positive changes in every person's health, as we believe that the foundation of success in life is good health. We empathise with our communities and harness the power of science and data to empower people to lead healthier lives.

With our team of experts, comprising of data scientists and researchers, we create insights and bespoke programmes to help people reduce the risks of chronic diseases. We help them eat, sleep, exercise and manage their stress more efficiently.

Our formula for achieving these goals centres on cutting-edge science and technology and our burning passion for building a healthier future for all.


To help people live healthier and longer with technology


Leveraging artificial intelligence and data analytics to create next generation preventive healthcare solutions


Innovation. Excellence. Integrity. Altruism. Empathy. Inclusiveness.

Our Team

Our people are specialists: they are innovators, business experts, data scientists, developers, designers and engineers who bring technological innovations to life and commercialisation. Our dedication to enhance preventive care drives every solution and idea we create as a team.

Our Advisors



- Completed Clinical Validation Project on Non-invasive Blood Glucose Monitor on Wearable Devices

- Signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Joint Chinese Limited to Jointly Launch Pre-M Diabetes™ in China and Global Market

- Received Award for AI - Healthcare Technology in the Singapore Business Review Technology Excellence Awards 2022

- Actxa Spark+ Series 2 fitness wearable and Actxa Sense 2 smart scale

- Rolled out Actxa VO2Max algorithm


- Started Clinical Validation Project on Non-invasive Blood Glucose Monitor on Wearable Devices with KK Women's and Children's Hospital

- Actxa Tempo 4C wearables for National Steps Challenge Season 6

- Rolled out SleepTrack™ technology


- Rolled out Actxa Challenge
- Actxa Spark Heart Rate Tracker

- Actxa Spark+ Heart Rate Tracker with the capability of measuring VO2 Max and Fitness Age

- Actxa Wellness Programme


- Launched Corporate Challenge web portal and Actxa App version supporting it
- Provided our fitness trackers to more than 1 million individuals

- Supplied Trackers For National Steps Challenge™ Season 5


Glo Heart Rate Activity Tracker featuring non-invasive blood glucose monitoring technology that assesses blood glucose levels

- Spur Heart Rate Activity Tracker (Lilac)

- Spur+ Heart Rate Activity Tracker capable of measuring VO2 Max and Fitness Age
- Silver Partner for National Steps Challenge™ Season 4

- Provision of holistic programs to help employees and individuals achieve these key pillars of optimal health:

  • Active Living

  • Healthy Eating

  • Mental Well-Being

  • Sleep and Recovery


- Spur Heart Rate Activity Tracker

- Official Tracker Partner for National Steps Challenge™ Season 3
- Exclusive Distributor for Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment:

  • Manage Stress

  • Enhance Recovery

  • Exercise Right


- Swift and Swift+ Activity Trackers

- Sense Smart Scale

- Official Technology Partner for National Steps Challenge™ Season 2


- Founded in 2015
- Stride Steps Tracker

- Supplied Trackers for National Steps Challenge™ Season 1


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