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Our Solutions

With a people-first and outcome-centric approach, our experts leverage advanced analytics and machine learning to build data-driven solutions that support the nation’s Healthier SG vision of promoting preventive care.

Through partnerships with like-minded healthcare and well-being providers, Actxa deploys the right tools to enable organisations to design, engineer and operationalise purpose-built solutions to help build a healthier nation.

Population Health

Population health is an approach adopted by many countries to reduce the prevalence of chronic diseases and promote well-being. Leveraging AI/ML, Actxa creates a wealth of evidence-based and actionable health insights that empower individuals to make informed decisions on their health and well-being.

Diverse group of people interacting during outdoor exercise
Corporate and Personal
Health Solutions

Building on AI/ML, our digital health and wellness platform delivers easy-to-understand tools and insights that empower people to positively change their lifestyles and behaviours. Our ready-to-go turnkey solutions comprise innovative hardware and software that you can easily deploy in your business and bring your community on a preventive health journey. 

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Looking for a partner who can provide proven health and digital wellness solution at the city or provincial level?

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