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Our Technologies

As a company with a vision to help people live healthier and longer with technology, we invest heavily in research and development with a goal to productise and commercialise innovative solutions in the preventive health arena.

We aspire to see healthier people in a healthier country. Explore our solutions set for every business size now!

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An introduction about Actxa's BGEM® technology, the world’s first non-invasive blood glucose monitoring solution powered by an AI-driven algorithm.

Blood Glucose Evaluation & Monitoring (BGEM)

Diabetes poses one of the biggest global health challenges today. Actxa develops the BGEM, the world’s first non-invasive blood glucose monitoring solution powered by an AI-driven algorithm that monitors and evaluates diabetic risks of individuals in a non-invasive, easy and cost-effective way.​

VO2 Max

VO2 Max measures aerobic fitness and is typically conducted in a medical facility such as a laboratory or hospital. Actxa’s VO2 Max solution measures VO2 Max conveniently on supported wearables with photoplethysmography (PPG) sensors and Global Positioning System (GPS) data from mobile phones. 

An introduction about Actxa's VO2 Max that measures aerobic fitness
An introduction about Actxa's Healthy Living Score that aggregates sleep, physical activity, physique and fitness data into one score.

Healthy Living Score

The Healthy Living Score (HLS) is developed to simplify the process and make sense of the health journey. HLS aggregates Sleep, Physical Activity, Physique and Fitness data into one score to help you navigate towards a more balanced and healthier lifestyle.


Sleep plays a vital role in good health and well-being throughout our lives. Actxa SleepTrack™ monitors sleep patterns and analyses various metrics to generate comprehensive sleep reports, sleep scores and insights to track your sleep quality progress. 

An introduction about Actxa's SleepTrack™ that monitors sleep patterns and analyses metrics to generate sleep reports.

We are actively partnering with health organisations, wellness and wearable businesses and researchers.

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