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Marcus Soo

Marcus Soo, CEO of Actxa


Marcus Soo

Marcus leads a committed team to achieve successes in business, operations and partnerships, while spearheading a team of researchers and data scientists in developing health and wellness insights through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) that led to the creation of BGEM – the non-invasive Blood Glucose Evaluation and Monitoring technology. Marcus firmly believes that an organisation’s success depends on the strength and dedication of its people.​

Marcus was in charge of product sales and marketing during the founding years of Actxa. He also played a significant role in driving Actxa, in partnership with Activate Interactive, to win the tender of National Steps Challenge™ since 2015. To date, Actxa has sold more than 1.9 million trackers to help improve the population’s health. ​


Prior to Actxa, Marcus held various senior roles in Activate Interactive and Creative Technology Ltd in business development, product sales and marketing, OEM partnership development, software sales and software research and development. Marcus holds a Bachelor degree with Merits in Computer Engineering from the Nanyang Technological University of Singapore.​

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