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Actxa Unveils Spark+ Series 2: Enhanced for Your Health and Fitness Monitoring Needs

Two young individuals engaging in a fitness routine together, promoting a shared commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Singapore, 17 July 2023 – Actxa, a homegrown AI-driven deep tech company, has launched the latest addition to its health and fitness monitoring product line, the Spark+ Series 2 ("Spark+ S2"), an activity tracker designed for all-round health and fitness monitoring.

In comparison to Spark+ - its predecessor, the Spark+ S2 is enhanced with new and improved features such as SleepTrack™, an advanced sleep tracking technology, All-Day Heart Rate (HR) and Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Monitoring, Outdoor Workouts with Real-Time Maps and VO2 Max. These extensive features are designed to help individuals better monitor and gain insights into their health and fitness.

The Spark+ Series 2 is engineered to empower individuals in their journey towards better health and fitness. Whether you are an athlete, someone motivated to lose weight or aiming to lead a healthier lifestyle – using activity trackers has been associated with increased physical activity and improved health outcomes, including weight loss and cardiovascular health¹.


Actxa's SleepTrack™ technology goes beyond basic sleep tracking by analysing various metrics to provide comprehensive insights into an individual’s sleep quality. Due to the importance of sleep in physical and mental well-being, significant attention has been focused on poor sleep patterns and insomnia among the public². The Spark+ S2 helps track sleep quality and generates detailed sleep reports for each sleep cycle, along with a sleep score that enables users to track sleep quality progress over time to ensure quality rest.

All-Day Heart Rate (HR) and Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Monitoring

The all-day heart rate (HR) and heart rate variability (HRV) monitoring provides valuable insights into how users' hearts respond to different activities and events. Whether awake, asleep, or engaged in workouts, the Spark+ S2 helps users understand their heart's performance and adapt accordingly.

Outdoor Workouts with Real-Time Maps

During outdoor workouts, the activity tracker also provides a real-time display of the workout route through users' phones’ GPS feature, enabling them to monitor the distance covered and track their progress with comprehensive performance reports.

VO2 Max

Actxa's advanced VO2 Max algorithm measures an individual’s fitness level and fitness age through a brisk walk or run. When users track their VO2 Max over time, they can monitor the effectiveness of their exercise routines and make informed decisions to optimise their fitness goals.

With these enhanced and existing features, the Spark+ S2 provides users with valuable insights and data to optimise their well-being via the Actxa App, which conveniently generates reports of workout statistics, heart rate zones and heart rate performance during workouts.

With the sleek, slim and fashionable Spark+ S2 activity tracker, harness your health and fitness potential and track your progress holistically. Take this opportunity to invest in your future by preventing or delaying chronic disease onset.

Spark+ S2 is now available on Actxa's Lazada platform ( for SGD$70. The Actxa app can be downloaded on the Google Play Store and Apple Store. Bulk purchases of 5, 10, or 20 trackers are also available via Lazada. For a higher quantity, contact Actxa's sales team at

Find out more about Actxa Spark+ Series 2 at References:

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Download our Annex and Fact Sheet

Spark+ Series 2 Annex & Fact Sheet
Download PDF • 247KB

For further information, please contact:

​Tan Lay Eng

Communications Manager

+65 9877 0406

Hasyimah Begum AJ

Communications Executive

+65 8780 3620 

About Actxa

Headquartered in Singapore, Actxa Pte Ltd is a deep tech company founded in 2015 that leverages artificial intelligence to create next generation preventive healthcare solutions. ​

We create evidence-based, personalised health insights in the domains of physical activities, sleep quality, body composition, stress and recovery, heart health and blood glucose evaluation and monitoring. ​​

To improve population health, Actxa establishes worldwide partnerships and research collaborations to develop critical preventive health models to help people avert chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.​​

​Learn more about Actxa at


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