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Actxa and Instytut Medycyny Innowacyjnej sp.z o.o Introduce BGEM in Poland

Two logos showing the partnership between Actxa and Instytut Medycyny Innowacyjnej sp.z o.o to introduce BGEM® in Poland.

4 April 2024 – Actxa Pte Ltd (“Actxa”), an AI-driven deep tech company headquartered in Singapore, has signed a Memorandum of Agreement (“MOU”) with Instytut Medycyny Innowacyjnej sp.z o.o. (“IMI”), a research and medical technologies institute based in Poland on 7 March 2024. This MOU marks the beginning of a strategic partnership for collaboration and market distribution of Actxa’s BGEM, a non-invasive Blood Glucose Evaluation and Monitoring Technology and other Actxa technologies in Poland.

At the heart of this partnership is Actxa’s groundbreaking BGEM technology - the world's first non-invasive blood glucose monitoring technology. Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence ("AI"), wearable technologies and signal processing, BGEM tracks and identifies the risk of impaired glucose regulation.  


By analysing inter-beat-interval data from consumer-grade wearables equipped with photoplethysmography ("PPG") sensors, BGEM calculates the digital biomarkers associated with prediabetes or Type 2 diabetes mellitus ("T2DM") symptoms, empowering users to monitor, track, and identify fluctuations in their blood glucose levels. This proactive approach allows users to implement timely lifestyle adjustments, effectively mitigating the risk or delaying the onset of diabetes. 


Under this partnership, IMI will be an authorised licensee with the rights to use BGEM and incorporate the technology in its brand of wearable products for distribution in Poland. Additionally, IMI will play a pivotal role in facilitating the exploration of opportunities within countries, governments and industries to sell and market wearables with BGEM and other Actxa technologies.  

Marcus Soo, Chief Executive Officer of Actxa, said, “Our collaboration with IMI signifies an important milestone in our journey toward global expansion. This collaboration is a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence in the tech industry. Together with IMI, we embark on a transformative endeavour, combining our strengths to propel our business to new heights internationally.  

This alliance not only strengthens our position in the global market but also allows our technologies, such as BGEM, to benefit a broader community. As we join forces with IMI, we are poised for unparalleled growth, setting the stage for a future defined by international success and groundbreaking achievements.” 


Founder of IMI, Professor Mieczysław Pasowicz shared, “At IMI, we are driven by a shared vision for a future where healthcare is transformed through innovation. Our collaboration with Actxa speaks to our unwavering dedication as we bring their groundbreaking technologies to Poland. Our strategic partnership aims to revolutionise healthcare, fostering a future where cutting-edge solutions positively impact lives.

This partnership represents a significant stride towards a healthier and more technologically advanced world.”

This alliance between Actxa and IMI sets the stage for Actxa’s innovative technologies to expand globally. As both companies continue to leverage their strengths and expertise, they are poised to drive positive change and contribute to the advancement of a healthier world. 


For further information, please contact:

​Tan Lay Eng

Communications Manager

+65 9877 0406

Hasyimah Begum AJ

Communications Executive

+65 8780 3620 

About Actxa

Headquartered in Singapore, Actxa Pte Ltd is a deep tech company founded in 2015 that leverages artificial intelligence to create next generation preventive healthcare solutions. ​

We create evidence-based, personalised health insights in the domains of physical activities, sleep quality, body composition, stress and recovery, heart health and blood glucose evaluation and monitoring. ​​

To improve population health, Actxa establishes worldwide partnerships and research collaborations to develop critical preventive health models to help people avert chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.​​

​Learn more about Actxa at

About Instytut Medycyny Innowacyjnej sp.z o.o 

For nearly 30 years Prof. Mieczysław Pasowicz has been creating and implementing initiatives related to the adaptation of hospitals to European Union standards through the creation and implementation of innovative investment projects. He specializes in investment and hospital development, healthcare management and training and digital transformation. It promotes the development of personalized medicine, coordinated healthcare and digital medicine. This is possible thanks to the involvement in modern technologies, advanced treatment methods and continuous training of medical personnel. Prof. Mieczysław Pasowicz is the founder and president/CEO of the Institute. 

The Institute of Innovative Medicine is a spin-off company established to commercialize research and implement new medical technologies. The company is the initiator of the creation of the BioMedTech Technology Park, the aim of which is to transfer technology from Asia to Europe and is currently looking for Partners and Investors interested in co-creating the Longevity Technology Park using the latest developments in medical robotics,  biotechnology, IT, artificial intelligence and other medical technologies. It already has a modern facility with an area of 18 thousand m2 and an investment area for the creation of the Park (  

Leading programs promoting organizational, product and technological innovations, the Institute of Innovative Medicine together with its partners achieves better results and market position in many areas. The Institute provides consulting and training services, provides specialized IT systems and medical equipment and offers management of healthcare facilities. It has several medical teams and cooperates with more than 100 specialists both at home and abroad. The Institute and BioMedTech Park will support young companies, innovative products and proven technologies, introducing them to domestic and international markets on behalf of customers and through sales programs. 

Prof. Dr hab. med. Mieczysław Pasowicz is a long-time director of the John Paul II Hospital in Krakow and vice-president of the European Association of Hospital Managers (EAHM). He is the founder and also serves as the president of the Polish Association of Hospital Directors. Prof. Pasowicz is a long-term academic lecturer with significant medical, scientific and organizational achievements. 


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