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Actxa and Umeox Enter Strategic Collaboration with Integration of BGEM

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19 October 2023 – Actxa, a Singapore-based AI-driven deep tech company, and Umeox, a leader in wearables manufacturing and solutions, have entered a strategic collaboration to integrate Actxa’s cutting-edge non-invasive Blood Glucose Evaluation & Monitoring solution, BGEM, into Umeox’s upcoming product lineup, including health rings and smartwatches.

BGEM by Actxa is the world's first non-invasive blood glucose monitoring solution that leverages the latest technological advancement in signal processing, wearable technologies, and artificial intelligence (“AI”) to assess the risk of impaired glucose regulation.

The heart of BGEM lies in its ability to use inter-beat-interval data from a consumer-grade wearables photoplethysmography (“PPG”) sensor. Using its advanced AI model, BGEM computes the relevant digital biomarkers correlated with the symptoms of prediabetes or Type 2 diabetes mellitus (“T2DM”) that eventually predicts the risk of developing diabetes.

A powerful health awareness tool, BGEM empowers individuals to monitor and assess their glucose dysregulation in a non-invasive, easy and frequent manner. With continuous monitoring and evaluation of diabetic risks, individuals can take proactive measures in making informed health decisions and positive lifestyle changes to reduce the risk of T2DM development.

Marcus Soo, Chief Executive Officer of Actxa, said, “As a company with a vision to help people live healthier and longer with technology, we aspire to translate technological innovations into evident solutions that enhance lives.

Collaborating with pioneering industry players like Umeox aligns with our vision. The fusion of their products with our BGEM solution holds the potential to empower more people to take proactive actions to prevent, delay the onset or even reverse the condition of diabetes.

This strategic collaboration not only expedites the development, market accessibility and future commercialisation of BGEM but also tangibly contributes to building healthier individuals and communities. We look forward to a successful partnership with Umeox.”

Jack Shao, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Umeox, said, “Over the course of 17 years, we have remained dedicated to empowering people to live healthier. Our products have consistently demonstrated their ability to enhance people’s overall well-being. We believe our latest smart ring model, X ring, has immense potential to positively transform preventive healthcare and empower individuals to take control of their well-being through continuous, unobtrusive health monitoring.

Working in tandem with Actxa to integrate BGEM into our upcoming product releases enables us to address evolving consumer needs effectively. This strategic collaboration reflects the shared commitment of both companies to unlock new opportunities in the global preventive health market, and we hope this strategic collaboration will be a great start for the two parties’ long-term partnership.”

BGEM has won Actxa an award under the AI – Healthcare Technology category in the annual SBR Technology Excellence Awards 2022, hosted by Singapore Business Review.


For further information, please contact:

​Tan Lay Eng

Communications Manager

+65 9877 0406

Hasyimah Begum AJ

Communications Executive

+65 8780 3620 

About Actxa

Headquartered in Singapore, Actxa Pte Ltd is a deep tech company founded in 2015 that leverages artificial intelligence to create next generation preventive healthcare solutions. ​

We create evidence-based, personalised health insights in the domains of physical activities, sleep quality, body composition, stress and recovery, heart health and blood glucose evaluation and monitoring. ​​

To improve population health, Actxa establishes worldwide partnerships and research collaborations to develop critical preventive health models to help people avert chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.​​

​Learn more about Actxa at

About Umeox

Umeox is a high-tech and innovative enterprise of software, hardware, service integrated Solution. It develops and produces intelligent terminals which are based on IoT and AI technology, as well as providing operators and vendors around the world with one-stop solution services, including hardware manufacturing, software development, location management, AI interaction, health care, and intelligent data management cloud platform. Based on strong R&D ability and professional service, Umeox always adheres to high-quality strategy, keeps up with hot market demand and trend, constantly explores cutting-edge technology of scientific and technological innovation, closely combines humanistic care, and continuously provides customers with high-quality and cost-effective customised products and full turnkey solutions.

​Learn more about Umeox at


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