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Spurring a nation to get active: Step up & out with the Actxa Swift and Swift+

Actxa Swift and Swift+ fitness trackers in different colors

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SINGAPORE (28 October 2016) – Actxa is proud to be appointed as one of the official technology partners of the National Steps Challenge (NSC) Season 2 by the Health Promotion Board (HPB). Fueled by the nation’s positive response to the physical activity initiative last year, the fitness wearables company has launched three new step tracker models alongside an easy trade-up program, to help Singapore step up and out for NSC Season 2.

Launched by HPB on 1 October 2016, Season 2 brings more fun and prizes in motivating the nation to step up and move about every day, anytime and anywhere. Making a welcome return from last year is the immensely popular steps-for-rewards system, where all NSC participants will be rewarded for leading active lifestyles – the more steps taken each day, the more points earned to redeem sure-win rewards as well as lucky draw chances.

The smart gadget tagged to this fun physical activity programme is the steps tracker, a pedometer-based fitness buddy designed to motivate even more Singaporeans to lead active lifestyles.

A firm advocate of spurring a nation of physically active people, Actxa came on board last year to supply the wearable technology, and 2015 saw HPB handing out over 156,000 pieces of the specially produced Actxa Stride – which can still be used for the second season of NSC.

In addition, Actxa has produced three enhanced step tracker models: The Stride+, as well as the Swift and Swift+, which NSC Season 2 participants can choose to use if they are not using any of the three official trackers, including the Actxa Stride, that HPB issues. These additional models are available for trade-ups or direct purchase this year.

Opt To Swap Into Swift+

From the Primary One student to the blue-collared worker to the 60-year-old silver-haired grandparent, Actxa’s company DNA has always been about incorporating smart technologies into innovative gadgets so consumers are empowered to live healthier, more active lifestyles.

As such, Actxa has launched a Trade-In Program for NSC Season 2 – a fuss-free initiative that takes in all step trackers regardless of condition and brands, for an upgrade to either the Swift or Swift+. The Swift+ in particular packs in plenty of exciting new features to practically assist wearers in their daily dynamic lives.

More than just monitoring your daily steps count, the Swift+ functions like a 24/7 fitness buddy thanks to the Activity Tracker which tabulates amount of calories burnt, active duration time and distance travelled on a daily basis. Another powerful addition is in utilising nano-coating technology to deliver Sweat/Rain/Splash/Swim Proof resistance, so users may indulge in water activities without worrying about losing their fitness data.

Lifestyle helps aren’t forgotten, such as a Silent Alarm for jump-starting the day without waking others, as well as allowing the modern millennial the option of using the Swift+ for receiving call notifications (with Caller ID on screen), text message notifications as well as email notifications while on the go.

“Actxa is very proud to be a Singaporean company supporting a nationwide initiative that encourages fellow Singaporeans to be active. In support of the National Steps Challenge, we are excited to launch a series of promotions that aim to put our fitness and activity trackers into the hands of everyone, inspiring them to lead active and healthier lives,” said Joel Chin, CEO of Actxa.

All step trackers can be traded up from 1 Oct 2016 to 31 March 2017 at our list of recognised retail partners, located across 12 locations island wide. Each accepted tracker is entitled to a $15 discount off the Swift or Swift+ (U.P. $49.90 and $69.90). The discounted Swift and Swift+ will cost $34.90 and $54.90 respectively.

About The National Steps Challenge

The National Steps Challenge (NSC) is a physical activity initiative by the Health Promotion Board (HPB) to encourage Singapore residents to be more physically active every day, anytime and anywhere. After the rousing success of 2015’s inaugural launch, Season 2 kickstarted on 1 October 2016 and will end on 30 April 2017. The NSC is open to all Singaporeans, Permanent Residents and foreigners aged 18 and above at the point of registration with a valid NRIC or FIN.

About Actxa

The Actxa team was formed in 2015, steered by a team passionate to design, develop and deliver the latest technologies packed into fitness wearables that are not only affordable, but also fun to use and aesthetically right on point. That same year, Actxa became the appointed supplier of the steps tracker for the inaugural National Steps Challenge. Leading up to the anticipated launch of Season 2 on 1 October 2016, Actxa has again been chosen as the appointed supplier of steps tracker, in addition to being the official tech partner of the event.

Truly, our company’s tagline to ‘Mind Your Fitness’ speaks of our single motivation to empower customers to embark on healthy lifestyles, through our range of innovative products such as activity trackers and a smart scale that are easily connected via a smart app – all platforms powered by our experience in technology and biomechanics.


For further information, please contact:

Marcus Soo

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