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Outsmart, Outweigh and Outwin with The Actxa Sense Smart Scale

An Actxa Sense Smart Scale

For Immediate Release

Outsmart, Outweigh and Outwin with The Actxa Sense Smart Scale

Actxa, Singapore’s smart wearables provider has launched the Sense Smart Scale, an intuitive digital body fat analyser designed to help the world register a fitter, healthier lifestyle.

The Body Mass Index (BMI) is widely regarded as the quickest way to measure obesity – not just a weighty issue in other nations, but here in Singapore as well. BMI measures the relationship between a person’s weight and height, where the higher the reading, the higher the amount of fat in the body. The World Health Organization classifies a heathy reading between 18.5 and 24.99. However, according to a 2 April 2016 report by The Lancet journal¹, the number of people globally with a BMI over 30 stands at 641 million in 2014, a sharp rise from 105 million in 1975.

In addition, because Asians, including Singaporeans, generally register higher percentages of body fat as opposed to Caucasians, local BMI benchmarks have been revised accordingly, where a reading of 27.5 kg/m² or more represents a high risk for cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. The latter in particular, has become one of the biggest drains on Singapore’s healthcare system – about 400,0002 have been diagnosed with the disease locally as of 2016.

While studies show that Type 1 diabetes is strongly linked to genetics³ and incurable⁴, Type 2 diabetes can be managed through lifestyle changes⁵ such as diet, exercise and medication. In a Straits Times article dated 8 April 2016, Professor George Dailey⁶, who is based in the Diabetics & Endocrinology division at Scripps Clinic, California, shared that with proper weight management, pre-diabetics who lost five to seven percent of body weight and increased their exercise regime could halve the rate of progression from pre-diabetes to diabetes.

With a possibility of one million Singaporean residents plagued by diabetes by 2050, the Ministry of Health declared the launch of War on Diabetes² in April last year. Speaking on his ministry’s budget in Parliament on 13 April, Minister for Health, Mr Gan Kim Yong outlined three key prongs in this fight against diabetes, one of which included promoting a healthier lifestyle and encouraging more to exercise.

Still, BMI might not be the most accurate gauge of personal health, as challenged by two medical professors from the University of Pennsylvania⁷, who argued that “there is an urgent need for accurate, practical and affordable tools to measure fat and skeletal muscle, and biomarkers that can better predict the risks of diseases and mortality”. BMI in addition is not a recommended method for athletes, since individuals with muscular builds can lead to inaccurate readings. A typical scale also does not show other vital information, such as how much lean muscle you have – data that explains your body’s metabolism and calorie-burning ability.

Track Your Health In Confidence

Now you can take control of your journey to better health with the Actxa Sense Smart Scale, which on top of your BMI measurement, also helps to determine your lean muscle mass bone mass, and body fat percentage. More than just a telling sign of how well we fit into clothes, a body fat analyser could also point to possible future health problems. Based on these results, the smart machine then recommends the daily calorie intake required to maintain your current weight, thus helping users better understand what their body needs more or less of.

In one step, the body fat analyser records data and syncs seamlessly through a smartphone with the Actxa App, where users can monitor body composition charts and progress over time. Accurate readings are obtained through bioelectrical impedance analysis, where a weak electrical current passes through your body. The technology is safe, toxic-free and non-invasive.

Those who are serious about their health and fitness will additionally benefit from fitness trackers: Actxa Swift and Swift+. Working like a daily fitness buddy, the pedometers monitor your everyday health, fitness levels, and even sleep quality to help achieve a more balanced lifestyle. Upon reaching home – like a two-step approach – simply step onto the Sense Smart Scale and allow the body fat analyser to work, while simultaneously checking in on your smart fitness band. These two devices work in tandem to allow both individuals – and now families – to journey to better health together, as the Sense Smart Scale supports up to eight different profiles. An intuitive system automatically identifies its users, which makes it unnecessary to manually reset data or select profiles when taking measurements. Using the Actxa Sense Smart Scale is as easy as stepping on, and off.

“Actxa is proud to have played a part in putting fitness and activity trackers into the hands of as many people as possible, in support of the National Steps Challenge. The launch of the Smart Sense completes the tools needed to track fitness goals, and so inspiring more Singaporeans to lead active and healthier lives,” said Joel Chin, CEO of Actxa.

About Actxa

The Actxa team was formed in 2015, steered by a team passionate to design, develop and deliver the latest technologies packed into fitness wearables that are not only affordable, but also fun to use and aesthetically right on point. That same year, Actxa became the appointed supplier of the steps tracker for the inaugural National Steps Challenge. Leading up to the anticipated launch of Season 2 on 1 October 2016, Actxa was again chosen as the appointed supplier of steps tracker, in addition to being the official tech partner of the event.

Truly, our company’s tagline to ‘Mind Your Fitness’ speaks of our single motivation to empower customers to embark on healthy lifestyles, through our range of innovative products such as activity trackers and a smart scale that are easily connected via a smart app – all platforms powered by our experience in technology and biomechanics.


For further information, please contact:

Marcus Soo

Tel: +65 8765 0366




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