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Actxa Gets Singaporeans To Improve The Way They Work, Exercise and Rest With Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment

Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment that measures beat-by-beat heartrate

For Immediate Release

SINGAPORE, (21 February 2018) – Actxa, local developer of digital health and fitness products, recently acquired the exclusive rights to launch and distribute Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment, a professional-grade coaching service, in Singapore. Using a unique heart rate variability analysis, the Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment effectively measures beat-by-beat heartrate and provides insightful knowledge into one’s health and stress levels, helping users to take concrete steps to improve their lifestyle and productivity performance.

Established in 2002, the Firstbeat technology (Firstbeat) is based on a spin-off from the Research Institute for Olympic Sports in Finland and the University of Jyväskylä, both of which are internationally acclaimed academic institutions known for their research and expertise in sports science. Leveraging on 20 years of study in the field of heartbeat and heart rate variability, Firstbeat created a unique digital model of physiology that turns heartbeat data into personal feedback and actions.

Built with near-laboratory level accuracy for professional athletes, this technology is now made available for people from all walks of life through the Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment. Using factual data from the bodyguard device that the user has to put on for 3 days, together with a web diary that logs down the activities that the user goes through during the assessment period, we can have personalised data to the user’s stress, recovery and exercise levels, and how they co-relate.

By turning that information into rich, valuable and understandable feedback, individuals, corporates and even wellness professionals (such as coaches and gym instructors) can now connect the dots between the user’s lifestyle choices and well-being and identify steps to a healthier, fitter and more productive life.

Individuals, with the inclination to take on personal responsibility of making lifestyle changes, can use the findings to complement annual health checks, or even integrate them into wellness initiatives (with the help of wellness professionals), such as weight loss, stress management or exercise programs. Corporations can help employees achieve positive occupational health and wellbeing for increased productivity and reduced absenteeism.

Since its launch, over 250,000 people have experienced the Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment with amazing results. 82% of them reported an improvement in their ability to manage stress, improve exercise habits and quality of sleep, 85% of them reported that they feel more productive at work and 88% of them reported an improvement in well-being.

“We are proud and excited to introduce Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment to the Singapore market. We hope that this unique service will help Singaporeans, who are living a demanding and fast- paced lifestyle, to better cope with daily stresses, reach their goals and most importantly feel good about themselves, both physically and mentally. With this new service, Actxa goes beyond designing and manufacturing digital health wearables to provide users a more holistic, and end- to-end approach towards monitoring their personal health and wellness,” said Mr. Lim Chun Hong, CEO of Actxa.

The Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment for individuals is available for purchase through its website at S$299.00 per assessment.

Corporate companies and Wellness professionals looking to implement Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment can contact Actxa directly at


Formed to enhance the quality of lives, Actxa, established in 2015, started as an Internet-of- Things unit of Activate Interactive Pte Ltd – a multi-national technology services company headquartered in Singapore. Today, as a developer of health and fitness-related products, Actxa aims to promote a healthy and active lifestyle whilst challenging people to push their limits and strive for their personal best.

Actxa is steered by a team focused on designing, developing and delivering the latest fitness technology at affordable prices. Helping track 5 billion steps made by the 156,000 participants in the National Steps Challenge organised by the Health Promotion Board in 2015, Actxa was and continues to be the official tracker partner for the 2nd and 3rd seasons of the National Steps Challenge in 2016 and 2017.

Actxa’s tagline ‘Mind Your Fitness’ is about empowering customers to embark on healthy lifestyles through a range of innovative products all easily connected via a smart app. From daily activity trackers to a smart scale, minding your fitness is powered by Actxa’s wealth of experience in technology and biomechanics, simplified for the busy life.


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