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Ultimate Health and Fitness Tracker with Actxa Spark+ Series 2

Two young individuals engaging in a fitness routine together, promoting a shared commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

(Media Source: NXT)

Actxa, a locally-grown AI-driven deep tech company, proudly introduces its latest addition to the health and fitness monitoring product line, the Spark+ Series 2 (“Spark+ S2”). This cutting-edge activity tracker is designed to provide all-around health and fitness monitoring, featuring a host of new and improved features compared to its predecessor, the Spark+.

An Actxa Spark+ Series 2 health and fitness tracker

Enhanced with Advanced SleepTrack™ Technology

Actxa App screen showing Actxa’s SleepTrack™ technology

One of the standout features of the Spark+ S2 is Actxa’s SleepTrack™ technology, taking sleep tracking to new heights. It goes beyond basic sleep monitoring, analyzing various metrics to offer comprehensive insights into an individual’s sleep quality. Recognizing the significance of sleep for physical and mental well-being, the Spark+ S2 helps track sleep quality, generating detailed sleep reports for each sleep cycle, along with a sleep score to monitor progress over time and ensure restful nights.

All-Day Heart Rate (HR) and Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Monitoring

An Actxa Spark+ Series 2 tracker and Actxa App screen showing Heart rate summary

With all-day heart rate (HR) and heart rate variability (HRV) monitoring, the Spark+ S2 provides valuable insights into how users’ hearts respond to various activities and events throughout the day. Whether awake, asleep, or during workouts, users can gain a deeper understanding of their heart’s performance and make informed lifestyle adjustments accordingly.

Real-Time Outdoor Workouts with GPS

An Actxa Spark+ Series 2 tracker and Actxa App screen showing real time outdoor workout report

The Spark+ S2 accompanies users during outdoor workouts, displaying real-time workout routes through their phone’s GPS feature. This functionality allows them to monitor the distance covered and track their progress with comprehensive performance reports, enhancing their fitness journey.

Measure Your VO2 Max for Optimal Fitness

An Actxa Spark+ Series 2 tracker and Actxa App screen showing VO2 Max records

With Actxa’s advanced VO2 Max algorithm, users can measure their fitness level and fitness age through brisk walks or runs. By tracking their VO2 Max over time, they can gauge the effectiveness of their exercise routines and make informed decisions to optimize their fitness goals.

Unparalleled Insights via the Actxa App

Two Actxa App screens showing insights and data

The Spark+ S2 provides users with invaluable insights and data to optimize their well-being through the Actxa App. The app conveniently generates reports of workout statistics, heart rate zones, and heart rate performance during workouts, enabling users to track their progress and make necessary adjustments.

Fashionable and Holistic Progress Tracking

A fashionable looking Actxa Spark+ Series 2 health and fitness tracker

Sporting a sleek, slim, and fashionable design, the Spark+ S2 is not only a powerful health and fitness companion but also a stylish accessory. With this activity tracker, users can holistically harness their health and fitness potential, taking steps to prevent or delay the onset of chronic diseases.

Available Now on Actxa’s Lazada Platform

The Spark+ S2 is now available for purchase on Actxa’s Lazada platform for SGD$70. To make the most of this advanced activity tracker, users can download the Actxa app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store.


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