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10 FREE Fitness Programs For Singaporeans Who Are Slowly Becoming One With Their Office Chairs

10. National Steps Challenge (NSC)

A hiker with fitness tracker adjusting shoelace

Maybe profuse sweating isn’t your cuppa – with the National Steps Challenge (NSC) devised by HPB, you can now chalk up mileage and leisurely walk your way to fitness instead.

Meant to encourage us to walk further than just across the hallway to where the pantry’s at, NSC allows participants to redeem cash vouchers and other rewards in exchange for steps tracked each day – no running, jumping, or panting required – just plain ol’ walking.

Find out more about NSC here.

Keep fit with the National Steps Challenge Season 3

Poster of National Steps Challenge Season 3

And improved health isn’t the only benefit here either. This year’s NSC Season 3 is gearing up with all sorts of amazing prizes up for grabs – think business class flight tickets, an all-expense-paid trip, and a $6,000 massage chair.

All you have to do is pick up your free steps tracker at any NSC roadshow, or use any other tracker of your own that’s compatible with the app, download the Healthy 365 mobile app (available for both iOS and Androids), and get walking! Clock in 5,000, 7,500, or 10,000 steps each day, and redeem NTUC vouchers worth up to $35 plus earn up to 3 chances to win said prizes in the Grand Draw.

Actxa Spur, Actxa Swift+ and Actxa Swift trackers

As the Official Tracker Partner of the National Steps Challenge Season 3 by Health Promotion Board, Actxa is offering one more added bonus: If you’ve got a wonky step tracker lying around at home, just bring it in for a trade-in at any of Actxa’s retail partners (all Challenger, Courts, Axtro Sports and Mojito Redemption outlets) and you’ll score $15 off a new snazzy Acxta Swift, Swift+, or Spur tracker of your choice.

And beyond the basic function of step tracking, these trackers will even help you stay on top of your calories intake, sleep quality, and heart rate, with alarm functions and call and message alerts.

Note: Trade-in for Actxa Spur is not available in Courts.

What’s more, Actxa is also giving out exclusive 20% discount e-vouchers for Actxa Spur under the ‘Rewards’ tab on the Healthy 365 app* and a corporate discount of 30% off Actxa Swift bulk purchases for all NSC participants!

E-voucher redemption instructions on Healthy 365 app

*The e-vouchers are applicable for use at any Challenger, Courts, Axtro Sports and Mojito Redemption outlets.


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