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VO2 Max

Our machine learning (ML) algorithm allows individuals to accurately estimate
their VO2 Max using wearables with photoplethysmography (PPG) sensors and Global Positioning System (GPS) data from mobile phones without requiring a laboratory test.

What is VO2 Max?

Icon that explains that VO2 Max is a fitness indicator

Fitness Indicator

VO2 Max, or maximal oxygen intake, refers to the maximum amount of oxygen an individual can use during exercise. It is widely accepted as the gold standard for measuring cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF), recognised by the World Health Organisation. It is also a crucial measure of aerobic fitness and a health indicator for all individuals. 

Icon that explains that having a higher VO2Max refers to an improved overall health and a reduced risk of chronic diseases.

VO2 Max
Health Risk

There is a significant association between VO2 Max and various diseases. A lower VO2 Max is generally correlated with an increased risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and metabolic syndrome, such as coronary artery disease, heart failure, hypertension, obesity, Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM), and more.

Having a higher VO2 Max, on the other hand, is associated with improved overall health and a reduced risk of chronic diseases. Regular exercise and improving cardiorespiratory fitness, measured by VO2 Max, can positively impact cardiovascular health, metabolic function, mobility and longevity.

It is important to note that VO2 Max is just one of the many factors influencing disease risk, and individual health outcomes are affected by a combination of genetic predisposition, lifestyle choices, and other health markers.

Learn more about the VO2 Max Fitness Level Classification for males and females.

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Actxa Spark+ Series 2 featuring VO2 Max function.

What is
Fitness Age? 

Fitness Age interprets VO2 Max in a simple-to-understand way so that individuals can understand their fitness level better. By monitoring their VO2 Max trends over time, individuals could adjust their fitness plans to achieve their desired physical fitness targets.

A diagram showing VO2 Max in correlation with fitness age. The higher the VO2 Max, the lower the fitness age.

How different is Actxa's VO2 Max?

The most accurate way to test VO2 Max is in a laboratory where an individual must exercise to peak aerobic performance (the highest speed that could be maintained for a complete minute). However, not all individuals can match the workout intensity required in a laboratory environment.

An icon that explains that VO2 Max is simple and effective

Simple & Effective

To measure VO2 Max on a supported wearable, individuals just need to go for a 10-minute outdoor brisk walk or run session at a comfortable pace of 15’00”/km (equivalent to a speed of about 4km/hour) or faster. This integration of VO2 Max in wearables empowers users to take control of their fitness journeys, optimise their performance, and achieve their health and wellness goals with greater precision and efficiency. 

An icon that explains that VO2 Max is an cloud-based solution.


To allow everyone, regardless of their current ability or fitness level, to measure and access their VO2 Max easily and regularly, Actxa develops an adaptive ML algorithm that estimates VO2 Max using PPG sensors and GPS data from mobile phones. Our VO2 Max solution is a cloud-based technology and it could be easily integrated with any wearable products with supported PPG sensors.

How does it work?

Data Mining & Signal Processing Techniques

By applying data mining and signal processing techniques with PPG data acquired from wearables and information collected through the smartphone's built-in GPS, Actxa’s VO2 Max solution can effectively identify the type of workout (e.g., running or brisk walking) and select the best data segments for VO2 Max prediction.  

Enhanced Experience

We have meticulously trained and scrutinised numerous regression models by leveraging only reliable heart rate and GPS data segments as inputs. Subsequently, we have deployed the most resilient and finely tuned model into the commerce cloud production environment. Our service empowers users to effortlessly and securely predict an individual's VO2 Max value, conveniently enhancing their overall experience. 

What are the benefits?

Icon that show that the benefits of VO2 Max : accessible


Icon that show that the benefits of VO2 Max : security and privacy

Security and Privacy

Icon that show that the benefits of VO2 Max : simple


Icon that show that the benefits of VO2 Max : easy integration

Easy Integration

Sensor Agnostic

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