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Healthy Living Score

Simplify your health journey with the Healthy Living Score (HLS) as it consolidates Sleep, Physical Activity, Physique, and Fitness data to help you understand what is going well and areas to improve for a balanced, healthier lifestyle.


Healthy Living Score

What is Healthy
Living Score?


Elevate your life with a focus on a healthy lifestyle. Prioritise chronic disease prevention and enhance physical and mental well-being through an active lifestyle. By aggregating Sleep, Physical Activity, Physique, and Fitness tracking data into one comprehensive score, the Healthy Living Score (HLS) is designed to simplify your health journey by providing insights into your strengths, areas for improvement and guiding you towards a balanced, healthier lifestyle. 

How does it work?

The HLS embraces the four pivotal aspects of a healthy lifestyle - Sleep, Physical Activity, Physique, and Fitness - widely recognised and accepted wellness parameters.

The HLS visualises these components within a composite chart and consolidates them into an overall score, presenting users with a multi-faceted view of their current health status, revealing how close or far they are from optimal well-being. Users also get to gain invaluable insights and bridge the gap to a healthier lifestyle.

Robust and easy to integrate, the HLS platform can help you and your organisation embark on a transformative journey towards a healthier tomorrow.

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How can HLS
benefit individuals
and communities?

The HLS empowers individuals and communities to visualise healthy lifestyle endpoints that make sense to them and effectively work towards achieving them. Experience the transformative power of HLS as it empowers you to make informed choices and embark on a journey towards holistic well-being. 


A healthy lifestyle goes beyond disease prevention - it encompasses physical, mental, and social well-being. With HLS, the pillars of a healthy lifestyle are visualised as components within a composite chart, culminating in a comprehensive overall score. Individuals get to discover a clear and multi-faceted view of their lifestyle, learning about: 


The current state of health


Proximity to an optimally healthy lifestyle


Insights to bridge the gap and enhance well-being


In the corporate context, HLS serves as a catalyst for employee engagement and fosters a culture of care and positive transformation.

Wellness professionals leading the program can leverage HLS to identify areas within the company's lifestyle that require the most attention. This enables the allocation of appropriate resources and guidance to achieve desired outcomes. Regular monitoring provides real-time actionable feedback, allowing dynamic adjustments to the wellness program for optimal results.


Easy implementation

and understanding 


Visually captivating and informative displays


Targeted health and performance optimization tailored to the unique needs of individuals and groups

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