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Set Up Your Actxa Activity Trackers on Healthy 365 app

*All National Steps Challenge (NSC) fitness trackers are compatible ONLY with the Healthy365 app. The Actxa Stride series and Tempo series are NSC models, and are not supported by the Actxa app.

To pair your Actxa activity tracker to participate in the NSC, simply follow the following steps.

Step One

Install the Actxa app, set up your Actxa account and pair Actxa Swift/Swift+/Spur/Spur+/Spark/Spark+.

Do note that the Actxa Stride series and Tempo series are NSC models, and are not supported by the Actxa app.

Step Two

Install the Healthy 365 mobile app and create your profile. Sign up for National Steps Challenge under "Challenges" within the "Explore Tab".

Step Three

In the "Profiles" tab, select "My Tracker" and tap on "Change tracker". Then, select "Other fitness apps" and select "Actxa".

Step Four

Sign in using your Actxa account name and password created in Step One. Once login is successful, you are ready to take part in the NSC with your Actxa tracker.

Important Notes

• If you are switching from a NSC tracker to Swift/Swift+/Spur/Spur+/Spark/Spark+, remember to sync your steps before you proceed to change.

• Steps taken after successfully switching to Swift/Swift+/Spur/Spur+/Spark/Spark+ will be added to your previously synced steps on the day of change.

• For enquiries on the Healthy 365 App and NSC, please contact the Health Promotion Board at or 1800 223 1313.

• For enquires on Actxa’s products, visit the FAQ section or contact us at

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