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Let’s Talk About Sleep

A lady doing exercise on bed

Last month, the Heart Wellness Centre at Singapore Heart Foundation hosted a ‘Let’s Talk About Sleep’ webinar as part of their health talk series to help their cardiac rehab clients lead a healthier lifestyle. Actxa’s CEO, Lim Chun Hong, was invited as a speaker where he shared about the importance of sleep and how it is the foundation of a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Sleep was once considered an inactive, or passive, state in which both the body and the brain ‘turned off’ to reset and recover from the day’s waking activities. However, this is no longer believed to be true as scientists have found that your brain goes through characteristic patterns of activities throughout each period of sleep and sometimes your brain can be more active when we are asleep than we are awake.

Watch the Webinar to Learn About:

What is sleep? (01.10)

Why is sleep important for well-being? (02.43)

What happens to the mind and in the body when we don’t get enough sleep or quality sleep? (03.49)

How much sleep do we need to thrive? (08.59)

Are you recovering during sleep? (12.04)

Habit changes that will vastly improve your sleep (18.14)

Importance of a balanced lifestyle and how Actxa’s proprietary Healthy Living Score can help us gain awareness on where we are in our preventive healthy journey (29.16)

Q&A session (31.46)

About Actxa

Our values stem from the need to be present: for the people and causes that matter, in our children’s lives for years to come, and for our parents to be in ours too.

We also believe that through bettering ourselves, we will better the people around us, and ultimately our communities and cities.

With the prevalence of easy-to-use smart devices in the pockets or on the wrists of people in all stages of life, we want to create a world where everyone can see how they’re really doing, which can often be different than how they feel they’re doing. Through awareness, of where we are and where we want to be, we can close the gap and make the right moves to journey towards our best selves.

Actxa brings together people, partners, science, technology and data to create positive changes to the health, quality of life and well-being of every individual and community.

In addition to offering evidence-based wellness programmes to individuals, communities and corporations, Actxa is proud to have been supporting population health initiatives such as the National Steps Challenge, a nationwide get active and healthy programme in Singapore. Since the programmes’ inception in 2015, we have positively impacted the lives of more than 1 million individuals, and counting.


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