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IFA 2018: Robots, medical devices and ... a huge keyboard

A demonstration illustrating how the Actxa Glo tracker accurately measures glucose levels, seamlessly syncing the data with a mobile app to display real-time glucose readings

Smartband that indicates the level of sugar

I came across this device absolutely by accident. A small smartband that looks similar to, for example, Xiaomi Mi Band 3 has one quite unique functionality - it can determine whether the user's blood sugar level is high, low or maybe appropriate. Marcus Soo, product manager of Actxa from Singapore, explained to me how the device works.

It uses a database collected on the basis of many studies in Singapore hospitals (the company has a contract with the local health care). It compares the measured parameters (mainly heart rate and body temperature) with the results in the database and returns one of three results (low, normal, high). Of course, it will not replace a glucometer for people with diabetes, but it will work as an early warning system against sugar drops.


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