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Actxa Receives Award for AI – Healthcare Technology in the SBR Technology Excellence Awards 2022

Actxa team smiles and celebrates winning at SBR Technology Excellence AI-Healthcare Award 2022

Singapore, 13 May 2022 – Actxa Pte.Ltd (“Actxa”), a homegrown AI-driven preventive health solutions company, has been awarded the SBR Technology Excellence Award in the AI – Healthcare Technology category for its Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Monitoring (“BGM”) project.

Actxa is the first Singapore company to develop a comprehensive AI solution that leverages consumer-grade wearables to detect blood glucose dysregulation. The BGM is also the only non-invasive blood glucose detection solution to be going through a clinical validation study in Southeast Asia.

The latest Singapore National Population Health Survey shows that 9.5% of adults have diabetes from 2019 to 2020. Nearly a quarter of them are newly diagnosed, whilst 26% exhibit poor glucose control¹. In 2017, the Singapore Ministry of Health launched a nationwide initiative to tackle the epidemic of diabetes, and advances in wearable technologies may be the key to alleviating this problem.

As a company with a vision to be a leading preventive health technology company in the world, Actxa’s research and development (“R&D”) team began working on a novel digital monitoring technology in 2016, which was later coined as BGM. Its goal was to engineer a solution that is non-invasive, frequently and conveniently accessible, and low cost.

The innovative non-invasive BGM solution detects glucose dysregulation in patients with diabetes or prediabetes. It leverages the latest technological advancement in signal processing, wearable technologies, and artificial intelligence (“AI”) to assess the risk of impaired glucose regulation. Using inter-beat-interval data from a consumer-grade wrist-worn photoplethysmography (“PPG”) sensor, the AI model will compute the relevant digital biomarkers correlated with the symptoms of prediabetes or Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM), and eventually predict the risk of developing diabetes.

Joel Chin, Actxa’s Chief Executive Officer, said, “It is a great honour of Actxa to be a recipient of the SBR Technology Excellence Awards 2022. We want to thank the Singapore Business Review and the judges for recognising Actxa’s accomplishments. This is the best form of recognition for the R&D team who has been working on this project for the past five years. It is a testament of our commitment to being at the forefront of innovation, and we will continue doing so for the betterment of public health.”

This technology is undergoing conducting a clinical validation study with a local hospital to improve the prediction model and evaluate the model’s real-world accuracy, reliability, and generalisability. The BGM will be available as a B2B cloud service with the production of at least one wearable product by quarter four of 2022.

About Actxa

Actxa was founded in 2015 with the mission to bring together people, partners, science, technology, and data to create positive changes to the health, quality of life and well-being of individuals and communities.

Leveraging on our expertise in developing evidence-based and personalised insights through Artificial Intelligence, we empower individuals to make informed decision on their health and well-being and to make timely changes to their lifestyle. Actxa sets its focus on research and development on innovative preventive health solutions and we work closely with industry and academic partners to explore new opportunities.

About SBR Technology Excellence Awards

Organised by the Singapore Business Review, the SBR Technology Excellence Awards is the most prestigious awards programme for technological innovations, recognising exceptional companies in Singapore that are riding the digital disruption wave and leading the technological revolution and digital journeys of their respective industries. The SBR Technology Excellence Awards is part of the regional Asian Technology Excellence Awards now running in 50 countries.


[1] National Population Health Survey 2020, MOH.


For further information, please contact:

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