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Actxa Announces Launch of Actxa Wellness Pte Ltd and Leadership Transition

The corporate logo of Actxa Wellness Pte Ltd, a new business unit of Actxa Pte Ltd

Bringing Corporate Wellness Closer to Doorsteps of Corporations

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Singapore, 21 July 2021 – Celebrating its sixth anniversary this year, Actxa announces the launch of Actxa Wellness Pte Ltd, a new business unit to bring wellness closer to the doorsteps of more corporations to help improve their employees’ physical and mental well-being.

Making its first debut with the National Steps Challenge (NSC), Singapore’s first-ever nationwide step movement in 2015 with the Actxa steps and heart rate trackers, Actxa also offers wellness solutions to help individuals make the right moves to finding their best selves.

The Actxa Wellness Programme (AWP) has been one of the key solutions that empower individuals, communities and corporations to lead a healthy lifestyle despite their busy schedules. To better streamline the business, Actxa Wellness Pte Ltd is set up as a separate entity to bring the wellness programme to corporations to help them build a sustainable and healthy culture that benefit their employees.

Marrying science and evidence to achieve the desired outcomes, participating employees will receive an Actxa Spark Plus fitness tracker and Sense Measuring Scale to track the individual data that will be synced with the Actxa App. Using the collected data, the Actxa app will calculate a personalized Healthy Living Score (HLS) that aggregate stress and recovery, physical activity, fitness, physique and sleep into one score.

With the spin-off of Actxa Wellness Pte Ltd, Actxa will sharpen its focus to research and develop more IPs for health-related insights and to work with customers and partners to launch new products or form new joint ventures.

With effect from 21 July 2021, Mr Joel Chin will succeed Mr Lim Chun Hong as the Chief Executive Officer of Actxa. Mr Chin is also the CEO of Activate Interactive Pte Ltd, the sister company of Actxa, also the developer of Healthy 365, the official mobile app for NSC.

“It is an honour to take on the role as the CEO of Actxa, and I am thankful to Chun Hong for laying down a strong foundation for Actxa that has put us on an excellent footing to scale greater heights.

“As Actxa Wellness propels its market positioning in the wellness space, Actxa will concentrate on advancing health-related insights and incorporating IP strategy into our R&D approach.

This will help us further accelerate the progress we have been making over the past six years in enriching the lives of individuals and communities.

“At the same time, we also strive to innovate new wellness products and foster strategic partnerships with companies for new venture opportunities to better the lives of more people.

“Together with the highly dedicated team with diverse capabilities, I am confident that Actxa is in a good position to embrace the opportunities and face the challenges of today and the future,” said Joel.

Mr Alex Loh, an experienced leader with more than 20 years of working in different industries and helming leadership roles, has been named the CEO of Actxa Wellness Pte Ltd. Previously a professional athlete, Alex is also a strong advocate for healthy living.Read the press release of Actxa Wellness here.

About Actxa

Headquartered in Singapore, Actxa is founded in 2015 with the mission in bringing together people, partners, science, technology and data to create positive changes to the health, quality of life and well-being of every individual and community.

Leveraging on our expertise in developing evidence-based and personalised insights that allow individuals to have a better understand on their health, fitness and well-being, Actxa sets its focus on researching and developing more IPs for health-related insights and to work with customers and partners to launch new products or form new joint ventures.

Actxa is also proud to have been supporting National Steps Challenge, the first-ever nationwide step movement in Singapore since 2015.


For further information, please contact:

Tan Lay Eng Corporate Communications Manager +65 98770406


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