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Population Health

Population Health

Active people, healthy nation. Actxa helps promote better health for our populations with evidence-based innovations and technologies. Healthy changes start with little changes, so move your way to better health now! 

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Technology, data, and appropriate healthcare intervention are keys to a robust preventive health solution to drive population health and reduce healthcare costs.

At Actxa, innovation is central to our ability to create timely and positive changes for individuals, organisations and government health agencies responsible for the health of their populations.

Combining the technical know-how and experiences, we can rapidly replicate and scale our existing digital health and wellness platform for national-level programmes, providing solutions from hardware to mobile applications and backend services to other governments worldwide.

National Steps Challenge™

Since 2015, Actxa has been a wearable supplier to Health Promotion Board (HPB) of Singapore for National Steps Challenge™ (NSC), Singapore’s first-ever nationwide step movement. 

Actxa has supplied more than 1.9 million fitness trackers to help HPB drive healthy behaviour changes in the community. 

Meet the Family

Latest NSC trackers

Tempo 5C NSC tracker Support page product image
Tempo 5C NSC tracker Support page product image

Tempo 5C

Tempo 4C NSC tracker
Tempo 4C NSC tracker

Tempo 4C

(NSC Season 6)

Past Seasons Trackers

Tempo 3C (NSC Season 5)

Tempo 3C NSC tracker

Tempo 2 (NSC Season 4)

Tempo 2 NSC tracker

Tempo (NSC Season 3)

Tempo NSC tracker

Mova (NSC Season 3)

Mova NSC tracker

Stride+ (NSC Season 2)

Stride+ NSC tracker

Stride (NSC Season 1)

Stride NSC tracker
Actxa partnership

Looking for a partner who can provide proven health and digital wellness solution at the city or provincial level?

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