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Preventive Care
Deep Tech Innovations

Preventive health is the pinnacle of leading a healthy lifestyle. Actxa provides life-changing preventive health technologies and solutions using artificial intelligence that inspire and advance the health of people and communities.

Why is preventive care so important?

In matters of health, prevention is better than cure.

Poor lifestyle habits such as obesity, lack of physical activities and sleep deprivation can lead to the onset of chronic diseases. Aside from enduring long-lasting conditions that result in poor quality of life, treating and managing chronic illnesses is also expensive.

Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML), we develop next-generation preventive healthcare solutions that comprise a wealth of evidence-based and actionable health insights that empower individuals to make informed decisions on their health and well-being.

Our solutions are built on digital and wellness platforms and insights platforms to form a health-promoting and preventive health ecosystem that helps drive population and individual health.

The Growing Global Chronic Disease Epidemic



People die from chronic diseases every year, accounting for 71% of global deaths


Adults globally has multiple chronic diseases


Singaporeans aged over 40 has at least one chronic disease


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Technology for License

A portfolio of preventive health technologies that solve the most urgent health needs.

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A tried and tested digital health and wellness platform with actionable health insights to create healthier cities.

Population Health Solutions

Our Partners

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We are actively partnering with health organisations, wellness and wearable businesses and researchers.

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