The Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment is a professional-grade coaching tool for checking health and
wellness. Its unique heart rate variability analysis reveals how the body reacts to daily demands, and
transforms heartbeat data into personalised insights on stress, exercise and sleep.

With more than 20 years of research and experience in heartbeat and heart rate variability, Firstbeat
brings you the technology used by professional athletes with near-laboratory level accuracy.

Manage Stress

Identify your stressors and stress-peak periods.

With the Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment, you can chart your daily activities to find your stress points. You can then modify, support or avoid these stressful moments for better productivity.

Enhance Recovery

Evaluate your rest and recovery.

The Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment monitors your nocturnal habits and the quality of your sleep. It also identifies your recovery moments throughout the day so you can understand how best to periodically replenish your energy. Together with our lifestyle specialists, you can then determine the steps needed to improve your overall rest and recovery for optimum energy and focus.

Exercise Right

Find your optimal level of exercise.

Track the health effects of your chosen physical activity and monitor your caloric expenditure. Understanding exercise’s impact on your overall fitness will allow you to reap its full benefits for a greater functional quality of life.

The Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment includes


Complete pre-questionnaire and an online journal that assesses your daily routine


Measure your heartrate 3 days using the Bodyguard 2 device


Receive a personal report and see the 24/7 profile on stress, exercise, recovery and sleep.


Receive personal advice with a lifestyle specialist, who will analyse your results and
make recommendations.

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