Actxa Spur+

An activity tracker – powered up. The Actxa Spur+ has all the features of the Spur, and more. Now you can track how efficiently your body is using the oxygen you breathe in, and your true Fitness Age. Work your way to reaching your weekly Intensity Minutes goal, while Move Alerts give you that nudge you need to get moving.

spur plus featured image

Simplicity At Its Best

Life’s complicated enough. We know you like things simple. And with the Actxa Spur+, you won’t need any additional accessories (like a chest strap) to track your heart rate. Ready whenever you are, it also continues to keep you socially connected, notifying you when a call, text or email comes in.


Actxa App
Track Your Life

Chart your progress and set personal goals to stay motivated. With the Actxa App, you can personalise your profile, sync your daily stats, update your weight and monitor your sleep patterns with a simple tap of a button.




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