Have you heard the hilarious spoof by Meghan Trainor on her own song, ‘All About That Bass’ changed to ‘All About That Change’ – in reference to how she feels about New Year resolutions?

Only it’s not that hilarious, because resolution lists are actually something that’s universally difficult to carry out. Even more so, when it comes to those #FitnessGoals. Still, fret not, because we’ve come up with five totally manageable ways so you can change those #FitnessWoes for the better, starting this year!

1. Understand Your Body, Get A Smart Weighing Scale

Surprise, one of the most common NY resolutions is….weight loss. Yet, too many will tell you their sob stories over broken goals, perhaps since humans are really not as simple as cars with a gas in, and miles out clockwork. There are many factors that go into a change in body weight, and even then, did you know that weight alone is not a clear indicator of good health? We need to distinguish between weight derived from body fat, versus weight from muscles or lean body mass – and this is something the Actxa Sense Smart Scale can tell you accurately, which will in turn help you understand your body’s metabolism and calorie-burning ability.

2. Be Realistic

This might seem surprising to some, but we do tend to demand the most on ourselves. Why set a goal of losing 10kg in three months, or going on a 30-day detox diet, when we already know how painful that sounds, and how many of us can’t go a day without some form of meat? So instead, aim for  “a little better, a step at a time”, rather than “perfection”.

Firstly, avoid resolutions that are too generic, such as “I want to lose weight”. Set a finite number so your brain understands that there’s a specific number to work towards. Next, be realistic and work towards “going to the gym once a week and making a real effort at harder exercises”, or “the next meal will have a greater portion of greens and healthy food choices”, or “losing one kilogram in 30 days”. It also really helps to have a plan of action, so you naturally get into the habit of training without feeling physically and mentally burnt out.

3. Don’t Stress About It, Enjoy!

Have you watched infomercials of a gym goer decked out in full exercise wear, running on the treadmill or working out like there’s tomorrow – but with the saddest of expressions on their faces? And how the camera will always pan to show a bowl of delicious food tempting mercilessly?

No, exercise can be enjoyable – when you allow yourself to. Never been someone who could touch your toes? Try making that your first goal. Got a pull-up bar or skipping rope gathering dust? Use it today, even if it’s a hit of 10 times only. If you’ve not been exercising for a long time, understand that your body needs time to get flexible again. So go slow, start stretching, and think of exercises that you are truly happy to work on so that you are motivated to move every day.

4. Reward Yourself

What’s setting a goal without a reward? Just as you started the New Year planning your resolutions, plan ways to give yourself a pat on the back too. That trip to catch the Northern Lights, a pampering massage day, getting the online item you’ve been eyeing for months. If it drives you, have a small gift for yourself every quarter, so every time you are so close to giving up – you’ll press on, knowing that the next reward is oh-so-close!

5. Eat At The Table

The routine’s somewhat always the same: wolfing dinner down, sometimes while waiting in the kitchen while the food is still being cooked, or picking small bites directly from the various dishes rather than getting a proper plate. Then there are days all you grab is the nearest snack or convenient to-go meal, because you’ve a next appointment to go off to.

Eating at the table will force you to regulate your hectic schedule a little, giving you time to breathe, and also the luxury of regulating your food. An average restaurant meal can contain 60% more calories than a homemade one, giving all the more reason to pick your greens, proteins and even little treats once in a while too. Also, be kind to your stomach since tucking into large portions at restaurants one day, and tiny nibbles while driving another day can be disastrous to your digestive health in the long run.